Get Successfully Manscaped with a Worry-Free Introduction to Waxing Through nkd’s Trusted Wax Virgin Programme

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Jordan C

9th August 2019

Really nice and professional. The girls made me feel as comfortable as possible and are so friendly! I thought it was slightly pricey when booking the appointment but it's definitely worth every penny, the best waxing experience I've had.

Sharni H 

21st August 2019

NKD feels different from other beauty salons as soon as you walk in the door. We all know that getting your bits out in front of a stranger can be a scary thought but the tongue-in-cheek branding and friendly atmosphere makes you feel at ease straight away, especially when compared to far more clinical or spa-like salons. This is the same for the staff, who are all excellent at what they do and really welcoming.

Dawn G 

25th August 2019

You make a much better job of my waxing and tinting than anyone else that I have ever been to. The ambience and syle of your salon is way above any of your competition.

Emily D

1st September 2019

Paige was my therapist and was brilliant. I was SO nervous as it's been very painful when I've had waxing in the past but she put me at ease, the whole thing was over in 20 mins and it wasn't anywhere near as painful as I remember. Would recommend.

Aletta D

7th September 2019

I am a trans gender woman attending NKD. My waxing is experience, is clinically undertaken by Venesia. She is very though and personable, I am very impressed with her care in waxing me and in the communication skills she processes. NKD are very fortunate to have her as a member of staff. I was so impressed, I have booked my next waxing session with Venesia. As a trans gender woman, it is so important to be treated as a woman by other women. Venesia does this, we talk about make up, holidays and I feel able to confide in her about my transition.

Hayley K

8th September 2019

The staff are very calm and helpful. I feel very at ease when I attend for my wax. The wax is of a very high quality and is not as painful as previous waxes I have experienced. I have been waxed by three different ladies now, and all have been so helpful and very experienced. I cannot recommend them enough.

Sign Me Up for Worry-Free Waxing

Sick of shaving every other day to get that smooth skin?

Tired of ingrown hairs and unsightly lumps & bumps?

It’s natural to feel nervous about your first time. At nkd ( ), our expert waxing specialists ensure there’s no need to be. With 4 waxing appointments over the course of 4 months and a host of other discounts and benefits, our Wax Virgin Programme makes the entire hair removal process (and your skin) as smooth as can be.

Sick of shaving every other day to get that smooth skin?

Tired of ingrown hairs and unsightly lumps & bumps?

Aryanna G

28th February 2020

After visiting another place for a wax in the morning and being left with clumps of hair and patches all over, I went to nkd in the afternoon hoping they could fix it. Was not disappointed. So much attention to detail and practically got everything - so happy and definitely returning!!

I have been going here for a while now and the service is unbeatable. The best is Emma for a wax, she knew I was going on holiday so made sure I was fully ready! The price is definitely worth it here. Precision, professionalism, and quick too.

18th January 2020

Emilie M

The ladies are all amazing! I’m shy and a larger lady and it took a lot for me to walk though them doors but I’ve never looked back 

Jody S

1st February 2020

Dawn G

25th September 2019

You make a much better job of my waxing and tinting than anyone else that I have ever been to. The ambience and syle of your salon is way above any of your competition.

NKD feels different from other beauty salons as soon as you walk in the door. We all know that getting your bits out in front of a stranger can be a scary thought but the tongue-in-cheek branding and friendly atmosphere makes you feel at ease straight away, especially when compared to far more clinical or spa-like salons. This is the same for the staff, who are all excellent at what they do and really welcoming.

1st September 2019

Sharni H

Really nice and professional. The girls made me feel as comfortable as possible and are so friendly! I thought it was slightly pricey when booking the appointment but it's definitely worth every penny, the best waxing experience I've had.

Jordan C

1st September 2019

You Needn’t Be a Bodybuilder or a Model To Want Smoother Skin and Less Body Hair

Leicester Salon: 0116 430 0337

Nottingham Salon : 0115 775 0197

Step 3: Attend 4 Pleasant Appointments Over 4 Months

Any discomfort you may feel at the beginning of your Wax Virgin journey will disappear along with your hair over time - you will most likely even come to enjoy waxing! Our therapists provide helpful information about waxing pre and post care for long-lasting results and bump-free skin. Plus, enjoy your 15% discount on other services and products during the 4 months that you are a Wax Virgin. Oh and remember, you can book your first appointment without committing to the entire program.

 Step 2: Suss out the Salons (Optional)

If you’d like to see where the magic happens ahead of time, you are welcome to visit our award-winning salons for a tour of our hygienic and stylish premises. Chat with some of our friendly team to get an idea of how pleasant yet professional we are and browse our top-of-the-line products. Like the phone consultation, this step is optional, but we know from experience that visiting our salons before booking can help put nervous minds at ease. You’re likely to see happy male clients in our waiting room and see that our salon is welcoming to everyone.

Step 1: Speak to a Member of Our Friendly Team (Optional)

We understand that some clients are more nervous than others about losing their waxing virginity. If you’re not quite ready to book your first appointment, get in touch to speak with one of our specialists instead to ask any questions you have. We’ll do everything we can to put your mind at ease and help you decide whether waxing/Wax Virgin is for you or not!

Step 4: Enjoy the Results and Access Discounted Prices for Future Visits

Congratulations, having had your first 4 waxes, you’re now a Waxing Pro! To celebrate your graduation from the Wax Virgin Programme, enjoy a free 30 minute treatment of your choice.

Now that you’ve experienced longer-lasting hair-free skin and progressively-finer regrowth, we’ll invite you to continue with a new waxing package so that you can keep enjoying these benefits at a significantly discounted rate.


The salon is brilliant in every respect....delightful, professional people in a modern and spotless surrounding...first class, speedy and painless waxing!!! Just fabulous.

See What Our Happily Hair-Free Clients Have to Say


The whole experience was professional and efficient from start to finish. During the waxing my therpaist was the consummate professional and offered reassurance at all times.


This was my first time time at NKD and i would fully Recommend, five stars all the way. NKD are a very clean Professional relaxed salon with a very pleasant therapist.  


I was anxious to begin with given the nature of my treatment but I was soon at ease and all was good. 

My therapist was lovely and very methodical (didn't feel at all rushed, which was good). She also gave me some good tips on products/regime for use in between treatments.



My therapist was professional and kind this is my 3rd treatment and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. An awesome place for wax virgins and seasoned waxers equally. 


My therapist was amazing, I was really nervous before the appointment and was made to feel immediately at ease from the second I walked in the door! I cannot rate the treatment highly enough, was less pain than anticipated and my therapist was excellent throughout. Really professional but kept chatting throughout. Thank you for making a treatment I felt awkward about feel much easier!

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Wax Virgin Programme FAQs


Any of the following male body and intimate waxing treatments (including combinations) are up for grabs:

. Full Back & Shoulders £39
. Chest & Abs £44
. Upper Body Wax £75
. Full Arm £40.50
. Full Leg £49
. Full Body Extravaganza £250
. Brazilian Wax £68.50
. Hollywood Wax £68.50
. Groin Wax £49
. Butt, Sack & Crack Wax £50
. Buttocks & Crack Wax £38.50

You must have a minimum of 30 mins body and/or intimate waxing on every visit for Wax Virgin status.

We get it- it can be very uncomfortable to undress in front of a stranger and have them remove hair from your body, whether it’s your back, chest, or intimate areas. However, our highly-trained and non-judgemental therapists have waxed every type of body part on all types of people, and will put you at ease with their people skills and technical proficiency. You won’t find a more comfortable waxing experience anywhere else!

No, there are no upfront financial commitments to Wax Virgin. When you sign up to Wax Virgin, a 4-month payment plan is put in place, whereby you’ll pay the standard price of the treatment(s) you have signed up to, once a month for 4 months. Each payment you make gives you a Wax Virgin appointment credit.

The only commitment we require is for you to be serious about achieving smooth, hair-free skin in the long term. This programme is not designed for people looking for a one-off holiday wax, for example. We are eager to help you achieve the results you crave, and that’s only possible when you commit to a series of treatments. The sooner you commit to waxing at 4-5 week intervals, the sooner you will achieve smooth, hair-free skin?

As waxing experts we know that clients will only get the best results from their waxing if they follow a regular appointment routine, which is what the Wax Virgin Programme is specifically designed to achieve. For this reason, all Wax Virgin appointments must be taken 4 – 5 weeks apart. 

If you cannot commit to an appointment frequency of 4 – 5 weeks for your first 4 waxes, you can book one-off appointments as and when you need them, or sign up to one of our waxing packages to access some substantial discounts. Please remember that the best results will always be found when you train your hair into a good growth cycle.

The Wax Virgin Programme is designed to get you to a point where you are enjoying smooth, hair-free skin for a few weeks between every appointment. In order to achieve this, it’s important to have a wax every 4-5 weeks at the start of your waxing journey so your hair is trained into the same growth cycle. We ask that you stick to this schedule so that your results are not diminished.

If you’re really keen to join Wax Virgin but there’s an unavoidable reason why you will be unable to attend all 4 treatments 4 – 5 weeks apart, please speak to us and we will try and work out a plan.

You may experience some discomfort during your very first appointment, but you won’t find a wax anywhere that hurts less than it does at nkd

Many factors can have a bearing on discomfort levels, including hormones, individual pain levels, hair type, and the frequency and type of your previous hair removal routines. Therefore, it’s impossible for us to tell anyone how uncomfortable or otherwise they’re going to find their first wax!

What we can guarantee, however, is that our therapists are highly skilled, having been trained in a variety of nkd ( ) techniques which minimise pain. Our training is so good that we’ve been teaching the art of specialist waxing to other beauty therapists and salon managers since 2012 so they too can wax like experts.

The Wax Virgin Programme is designed for three main types of men:

. True wax virgins- those who have never tried waxing before and could benefit most from the education and gentle introduction to waxing that we offer.
. Those who have tried waxing elsewhere but had a negative experience or did not experience the results they were hoping for.
. Existing nkd ( ) clients who have had previous waxes with us before, but have never managed to get into an ideal routine, and are now committed to doing so.

This programme is intended for men who are truly committed to achieving smooth skin and lighter hair regrowth over time. It is not meant for those wanting a short-term fix, such as a one-off pre-holiday wax.

Sometimes this happens and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It happens to some of our regular clients on every visit, while for others it never does! Our therapists are trained to ignore it and wax around it-so if it does happen, no need to worry. As long as you conduct yourself in a professional manner, so will our professional therapists.

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*100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
You’ve got nothing to lose (except your hair)!

13 years of successful salons

100s of 5-star reviews from delighted clients

Best Business Award Winner

5000 sacks and cracks waxed

Whether you want to remove your hair for sporting reasons, because your other half prefers it that way, or simply because you like the look and feel of less hair on certain areas of your body, wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to do it every 4 to 6 weeks? Our male clients tell us that removing unwanted body hair makes it easier to apply sun cream, helps you feel less sweaty and makes you feel cleaner and more hygienic.

Imagine the relief of being able to enjoy the feeling of soft, smooth, hair-free skin for weeks on end- as opposed to just days (or even hours)- if you currently shave that hair? Let’s face it, no man enjoys the feeling of coarse, itchy stubble on their back or chest- let alone their intimate areas.

If you shave already, there’s also the safety angle to consider. Anyone who has shaved their private parts knows how nerve-wracking it can be to risk nicking the family jewels with a blade!

Waxing is a great solution because it takes far less time, is affordable, and helps you achieve sparser, softer hair so that you can enjoy being hair-free for longer periods of time without the hassle of stubble.

Are You Curious about Waxing but Haven’t Yet been Brave Enough to get Started?

Maybe you’ve always wondered about waxing but so far haven’t given it a go? Or maybe you have tried it before but didn’t get the results you hoped for. Even worse, you might have tried waxing at another salon and had a bad experience?

Have you ever said (or thought) any of these things to yourself?

At nkd ( ), we help you overcome these worries. We’ll make you feel completely at ease and help you get the best possible results from your waxing routine. Our spotless salons and friendly therapists allow you to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin without the stress.

“I’m worried about feeling out of place in a salon, especially if it’s mostly catering to females.”
“I’m embarrassed at the thought of exposing my body to a female beauty therapist and being judged on how I look.”
“I’m afraid waxing will really hurt- whether it’s my back, chest, or especially when it comes to sensitive private parts!”
“I’m worried about baring my most intimate areas and any “reactions” I might get…especially when it comes to having my back, sack, and crack waxed!”
“I don’t usually remove my hair but my partner would prefer me to be less hairy…I’m just not sure whether waxing is the solution for me.”

I’m Ready To Try Waxing

Get Smooth, Soft Skin with Worry-Free Introduction to Waxing Through nkd’s Trusted Wax Virgin Programme

Introducing the Wax Virgin Programme: Your Worry-Free Path to Feeling Cleaner, Lighter, & More Hygienic

Whether you’re new to waxing, have had a negative experience elsewhere, or have just never got into the ideal wax routine, nkd’s Wax Virgin Programme can help you. Our tried and tested programme of 4 wax appointments over 4 months will give you the smooth and hair-free skin you’ve been longing for.

Our exceptional therapists have done this thousands of times, including with men who have never been waxed before. We’ll make waxing a pleasant experience for you so that you feel more confident and happier in your own skin.

You Name It, We’ve Waxed It

Unwanted body hair (no matter where it is, but especially in intimate and private areas) can be a sensitive topic. It’s perfectly natural to feel shy, embarrassed, or scared when exposing your body to someone you don’t know. That’s where the unique skills of our highly-trained, kind, and compassionate waxing specialists come in. Our therapists will put you at ease with their expert, non-judgmental, and professional approach to treatments.

We’ve been removing hair from all body parts for people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and genders (no matter how you identify!) for many years now. Unlike generalist beauty salons you may have tried before, at nkd, waxing is what we do all day, every day.

Our clients tell us how comfortable they feel from the moment they step into our spotless salons and meet our friendly and welcoming teams. You’ll be delighted by how efficient yet thorough your therapist is at removing your hair with minimal pain and minimum fuss. All while treating you with complete dignity and respect.

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For Pain-Free and Successful Waxing, Consistency Is Key

You wouldn’t expect immediate results from a single session at the gym. In the same way, you need to gradually train your hair into a regular growth cycle to get the best out of waxing- both in terms of minimising pain and staying smoother for longer.

That’s why we guide you through 4 appointments over 4 months with the Wax Virgin Programme. Once you start to follow a routine, your hair does too. And once your hair growth cycle is in a good routine, you will start to stay smoother, for longer, in between appointments. That's why if you want to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for as long as possible in the summer, we recommend you follow a regular waxing routine all year round.

Another huge benefit of regular waxing is that it hurts less the more you do it! Trust us – waxing 4 to 5 week regrowth is quicker and hurts far less than waxing 6 to 8 week regrowth.

Don’t Let Previous Waxing Experiences Get You Down

Even though the benefits of male waxing have gone mainstream, not every salon is equipped to give you a quick, comfortable waxing experience. If you’ve had a waxing experience in the past that was unbearably painful or gave bad results (like noticing hair growing back too quickly or suffering from ingrowns), it was likely due to inferior techniques, products or aftercare advice.

At nkd ( ), our therapists use the correct type of wax for the type of hair being removed and are skilled at pulling hairs from the root, not just snapping them at the surface. We also teach you the best ways to keep your open hair follicles clean post-wax and advise you on aftercare practices and products to use at home for the best results.

I’d Like to Try Waxing the Right Way!

Try the Wax Virgin Programme Risk-Free

Afraid of commitment? We’re not here to pressure you. We’re confident your first waxing experience will go, well, smoothly! You may be surprised to learn how many clients tell us that they actually enjoy and look forward to their waxes at nkd ( ).

We invite you to book your first wax with us. After this first appointment, it’s up to you whether this will be a one-time fling or a long-term relationship. If you decide to stick with us, you can sign up to Wax Virgin there and then.

This will allow you to enjoy a 15% discount on any other treatments or products you purchase for the four months that you are a nkd ( ) Wax Virgin AND you’ll get a complimentary treatment once you graduate from Wax Virgin to Wax Pro!

In the unlikely case that you decide the programme is not for you, no hard feelings! You’ll just pay for the one-off appointment you’ve had and we’ll part as friends.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Still a little nervous? Keep reading to find out what else we can offer to help put your mind at ease ahead of your first wax.

4 Painless Steps to Being Smooth and Hair-Free: How the Wax Virgin Programme Works in Detail

Here’s What You Get When You Join the Wax Virgin Programme

This programme is designed to help men just like you - those who are eager to enjoy the benefits of waxing but haven’t got around to it. We provide a comfortable introduction to a powerful routine that will have you going from Wax Virgin to Wax Pro in just 4 months!

When you enrol in the Wax Virgin programme, you’ll get 4 wax treatments of the same kind at 4-to-5-week intervals. In addition to these regular waxing appointments, you get:

Book My First Appointment Now

Peace of mind from knowing you’re getting the best male wax in town
Relief as waxing gets easier, more comfortable and yields better results over time
A 15% discount on all other nkd treatments you decide to try while a Wax Virgin
A 15% discount on all nkd aftercare and other products you buy while a Wax Virgin- perfect for taking action on the valuable advice your therapist will give you to care for your skin at home
A complimentary 30-minute treatment of your choice as a Wax Virgin graduation gift
The opportunity to continue a waxing routine at a substantially discounted rate

Find out why our clients come back again and again…

We’re All About Minimal Discomfort. Minimal Embarrassment. Minimal Fuss…

Join the Wax Virgin Programme and Enjoy Smooth, Soft &
Hair-Free Skin For Longer with Less Effort!

Now you’ve seen that waxing is the best hair removal option for training your hair into a growth pattern that produces softer, finer & sparser hair over time. And you know why nkd ( ) is uniquely qualified to give you the best possible waxing experience you’ll ever have!

All that’s left to do is take the plunge and book in for your first appointment to see what all the fuss is about!

Book My First Appointment Now

*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you’re anything less than thrilled with your first time getting nkd, then there is no obligation to sign up to our Wax Virgin Programme. You simply pay for the one-off appointment you’ve had and we part ways as friends! If, however, you’re as pleased with your first wax as we expect you to be, you will gain immediate access to 15% off all other products and services taken and your free treatment of choice when you sign up to become an official nkd Wax Virgin!

I read reviews saying this place has painless waxing but I just thought they were lying. I was honestly so surprised with how little it hurt. I never knew waxing could be so painless!

Amritha Chagar

Find out why we're the Waxing & Beauty Specialists in Nottingham and Leicester